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Hufvudstaden has two share series, series A and series C. Both series are listed on the large cap list at NASDAQ Stockholm.

Two share series

Series A shares carry one vote per share and series C shares carry 100 votes per share. There is no limit on how many votes each shareholder can submit at a general meeting. Series A shares were listed in 1938 on the Stock Exchange, whilst series C shares were first listed in 1998.

The number of outstanding shares amounts to 206,265,933, of which 197,990,869 constitute A shares and 8,275,064 are C shares. In addition, Hufvudstaden holds 5,006,000 A shares. There has been no change since 2003 when the buy-back was completed.


Hufvudstaden's shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The stock is traded at several different trading venues. The largest trading venues are Nasdaq Stockholm, Bats, LSE and Turquoise.

Conversion provision

According to a decision taken at the Annual General Meeting in 2001, what is known as a conversion provision has been included in the Articles of Association. This means that the holders of series C shares are entitled, if they wish, to request conversion of their series C shares into series A shares. No such conversion took place during the year.

Åsa Roslund

CFO and Head of Finance

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Ivo Stopner

President and CEO

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