Hufvudstaden – winner in the Large Company category in the 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Once again Hufvudstaden has emerged the winner in the Large Company category in the Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted among office tenants. Image, service and location are a few of the quality criteria in which Hufvudstaden has excelled. According to Ivo Stopner, President of Hufvudstaden, the results are the outcome of a strong corporate culture and a committed approach that supports our customers to achieve success.

Hufvudstaden has been awarded its highest score since Fastighetsbarometern – the property industry’s Customer Satisfaction Index – was first established back in 1997. With 85 out of 100 (up 3 on last year), Hufvudstaden came top in the Large Company category. This can be compared with the industry average of 73.

“We see our ranking in the survey as evidence of a sound and strong corporate culture, with an approach characterized by a great commitment to the customer. The fact that the customer is, and always has been, consistently in focus is our recipe for success. It is incredibly satisfying to once again emerge the winner in the Large Company category,” says Ivo Stopner, President of Hufvudstaden.

In this year’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, Hufvudstaden improved its results in seven of the ten quality criteria. The company was rated particularly high for image, service, adaptation and location. Hufvudstaden focuses on three specific areas in its day-to-day work: customer relations, service, and long-term thinking.

“I’m proud of our employees. Their consistent customer-centred way of working is clearly reflected in the outstanding survey results. The Customer Satisfaction Survey is an excellent benchmark for gauging the way we operate. Ultimately, it comes down to ensuring that our level of service and our properties supports our tenants in their business,” says Ivo Stopner, President of Hufvudstaden.

Stockholm, October 18, 2018


Ivo Stopner

: The organisations behind Fastighetsbarometern are the Swedish Property Federation and the consulting company CFI.
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