Dialogue with tenants

Hufvudstaden endeavours to maintain a dialogue with all tenants where we can help them in their environmental and sustainability work.

Dialogue with tenants

During 2011, we examined in greater depth a number of environmental issues that are important to our tenants and us. In conjunction with this, we commenced work on providing our tenants with practical hints on how they could be involved in reducing their energy use and increasing the proportion of sorted refuse. This includes information meetings, customer meetings and written information that was sent out.

Environmental information is also made available to our tenants via this website and in a service binder, which they receive when they move into the property.

How we help our tenants

We have an environmental coordinator who offers our tenants advice on how they can improve their environmental work and who is also responsible for matters relating to sustainability, the environment, energy, sorting of refuse and climate.

Karl-Johan Wall

Environmental Coordinator

+46 8 762 90 36