Group Management

The Group Management of Hufvudstaden consists, besides the President, of three Business Executives and the Heads of Finance, Property Development and Human Resources. The Group Management meets approximately once a month to discuss current issues.

Ivo Stopner

Born 1962. MSc. President. 
Employed since 1990.
Shareholdings per June 30, 2019: 3,000 shares (own and through related parties), and 42,467 shares within the framework of endowment insurance taken out in respect of an assured direct pension. Ivo Stopner, including his family, has no material shareholding or partnership in companies with which the Company has significant business relations.

Henrik Andreasson

Born 1981. BA. Head of the NK Business Area.
Employed 2018. Shareholdings per June 30, 2019: -


John Lethenström

Born 1972. MSc. Head of Property Development.
Employed 2017. Shareholdings per June 30, 2019: -

Christine Lindgren

Born 1969. BA. Head of Human Resources.
Employed 2017. Shareholdings per June 30, 2019: -


Anders Nygren

Born 1970. MSc. Head of the Stockholm Business Area.
Employed 2006. Shareholdings per June 30, 2019: -

Fredrik Ottosson

Born 1972. MSc. Head of the Gothenburg Business Area.
Employed 2016. Shareholdings per June 30, 2019: -

Åsa Roslund

Born 1966. MBA. CFO. 
Employed 2005. Shareholdings per June 30, 2019: -

Bo Wikare

Born 1963. MSc. Vice President, Head of Business Development. Employed 1994. 
Shareholdings per June 30, 2019: 62 shares.