According to the Articles of Association, the Company shall have one or two auditors and a corresponding number of deputies. Alternatively, one or two registered auditing companies can be appointed. Here you will find information about the election of auditors and brief information about the responsible auditors.

Hufvudstadens auditors

At the Annual General Meeting in 2018, the registered public accounting firm KPMG AB, with Joakim Thilstedt as auditor in charge, was elected for one year. Joakim Thilstedt's other major assignments include Ahlsell, Alfa Laval, Holmen, L E Lundbergföretagen and Modern Times Group, MTG.

Internal routines and control systems are examined continuously during the year. of the annual accounts and the Annual Report take place in January-February. The six monthly report is examined on a general basis. Hufvudstaden has not yet appointed an Audit Committee, the Board is instead responsible for audit matters.

Hufvudstaden in addition to auditing consulted with KPMG in tax and accounting issues. 

Fees and cost reimbursements to auditors

GROUP SEK m 2018 2017
Audit work 1.2 1.1
Other assignments 0.1 0.1
Total 1.3 1.2